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About Me

My name is Ian and I'm currently in the midst of my first adventure while living full time on the road out of my truck camper. I have always loved driving and exploring, and this trip has been a dream of mine for 6+ years to drive across the country seeing the millions of acres of beauty that this nation has to offer. The overall goal of the trip is to go from border to border north to south. I began at the Canadian border near Roosville, BC and have been winding my way down through western Montana and now Idaho. My goal has been to stick to as much dirt road as is possible in the winter time and to see as many ghost towns and historical sights as possible along the way. 

I am documenting my journey in a variety of ways through photos, videos and writing and will be sharing some of those aspects of the trip on this website. This will include stories of the road and ones about folks I meet, plus some history of the areas I'm traveling through. On my dirt route south, I will also be branching off of my planned path in order to hit national parks such as Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley at the very least. Having never explored much of California or the southwest, I'm excited to traverse that desolate environment as well as this whole nation while being able to share it and inspire others to take an epic roadtrip adventure as well. 

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